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Top Bible Verse About Cousins

    Cousins are a vital aspect of our families, often providing friendship, kinship, and camaraderie. The Bible, in many instances, provides guidance about the role and importance of cousins.

    Who are cousins in the Bible?

    The Bible mentions cousins in various contexts, often demonstrating love, loyalty, and support. Jacob and Laban, Mary and Elizabeth are examples that illustrate the substantial roles cousins play. The interactions between these familial relationships impart lessons of integrity, compassion, and unity.

    What does the Bible say about cousin relationships?

    The Bible gives substantial prominence to cousin relationships, emphasizing mutual respect, love, and cooperation. For instance, the story of Jacob and Laban, though marked with conflict, ultimately evolves into an example of settlement and peace between family members. Mary and Elizabeth’s communion serves to illustrate a deep spiritual kinship between cousins. These instances underline the importance of maintaining harmony, understanding, and loyalty in cousin relationships.

    Where are cousins mentioned in the Bible?

    Cousins are mentioned at numerous places in the Bible, often tied to critical events, stories, and lessons. Genesis depicts the complex relationship between Jacob and Laban. The New Testament features the blessed communion between Mary, the mother of Jesus, and Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist. Their exchanges represent significant biblical events, emphasizing the importance of family ties and cousin relationships.

    Why does the Bible feature cousin relationships?

    The Bible features cousin relationships to impart important lessons. The Bible gives an understanding of cousin relationships not only from a familial perspective but also from a faith-based viewpoint. The relationships serve as conduits of divine plans and virtues like faithfulness, honesty, forgiveness, reconciliation, support, and more. They lay the foundation of mutual respect, love, understanding, and the essence of strong family bonds, reinforcing the principle of ‘Love thy neighbor as thyself’.

    When does the Bible highlight cousins?

    The Bible highlights cousins at pivotal moments, depicting them as important pieces in the grand narrative. In Old Testament times, as with Jacob, cousins often served as key players in the unfolding of God’s covenant with His people. In the New Testament, the spiritual connection between cousins Mary and Elizabeth heralded the advent of Jesus, the Savior of mankind. Their relationships, situated at significant historical and spiritual intersections, serve as examples of kinship, love, faith, and unity, underlining the importance the Bible gives to family and cousin relationships.

    Below is our full list of bible verses on cousins (King James Version – KJV) provided in ranked order.

    Most Popular Bible Verses About Cousins

    Leviticus 18:6

    6 None of you shall approach to any that is near of kin to him, to uncover their nakedness: I am the LORD.”

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