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19 Bible Verses About Judging

    The Bible offers guidance on how we should approach judging others, being judged, and God’s final judgement. Several verses provide insights into the principles to apply when passing judgments so as not to fall into sin and challenges our understanding of judgements within a Christian context

    Who Should Judge?

    According to the Bible, God is the ultimate judge. He’s perfect in His decisions and His authority to judge stems from His holiness. Judgment, in a divine sense, is His alone. However, this doesn’t absolve humans of the responsibility of discerning right from wrong. Indeed, the Bible encourages believers to develop a judicious spirit, guided by wisdom, love, and understanding.

    What Does the Bible Say About Passing Judgement?

    The Bible cautions against hastily judging others. It reminds believers of the universal truth that everyone falls short, and none is without sin. Thus, when humans pass judgement, they must remember their own frailties and approach with humility, much less with a self-righteous attitude. In other words, before pointing out a speck in another’s eye, one must first remove the log in their own. This is a Biblical metaphor highlighting the importance of self-examination before passing judgement on others.

    Where Does Judgment Stem From?

    Judgement often stems from a lack of understanding or the unwillingness to understand. Instead of rushing into harsh judgements about others, the Bible encourages believers to listen and understand first. True wisdom lies in gaining insight and getting to the root of the matter before passing any kind of judgement. The Bible also warns against applying human standards to judge others, as these are often biased and skewed. Instead, believers should look to God’s standards of righteousness as their referencepoint.

    Why Should We Refrain From Judging Incorrectly?

    The Bible warns of the consequences of passing wrongful judgement. Incorrect judgement is often accompanied by hypocrisy, bias, and a sense of superiority, all of which are sinful according to the Bible. Furthermore, the sin of misjudging can lead to division and strife among the community of believers. For these reasons, the Bible urges believers to exercise judgement correctly and only when necessary.

    When Should Judgement be Passed?

    The Bible does not entirely prohibit judging others, but dictates when and how it should be done. Restorative judgement is permitted, aiming to reconcile the person in question with the community and God. This spiritual correction is achieved in love, and its objective is to help the person grow in their relationship with God. The Bible also acknowledges situations where public judgement is necessary to maintain peace and uphold justice within the community. Nevertheless, it encourages patience, love, and understanding while making such judgements, emphasizing the necessity for righteous judgement.

    Below is our full list of bible verses on judge (King James Version – KJV) provided in ranked order.

    Most Popular Bible Verses About Judge

    Ecclesiastes 12:14

    14 For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil.”

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    Romans 14:10-13

    10 But why dost thou judge thy brother? or why dost thou set at nought thy brother? for we shall all stand before the judgment seat of Christ.11 For it is written, As I live, saith the Lord, every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall confess to God.12 So then every one of us shall give account of himself to God.13 Let us not therefore judge one another any more: but judge this rather, that no man put a stumblingblock or an occasion to fall in his brother’s way.”

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    Matthew 7:1-2

    1 Judge not, that ye be not judged.2 For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.”

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    Hebrews 10:30

    30 For we know him that hath said, Vengeance belongeth unto me, I will recompense, saith the Lord. And again, The Lord shall judge his people.”

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    John 7:24

    24 Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.”

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    John 5:30

    30 I can of mine own self do nothing: as I hear, I judge: and my judgment is just; because I seek not mine own will, but the will of the Father which hath sent me.”

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    John 5:22

    22 For the Father judgeth no man, but hath committed all judgment unto the Son:”

    Romans 14:12

    12 So then every one of us shall give account of himself to God.”

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    John 12:48

    48 He that rejecteth me, and receiveth not my words, hath one that judgeth him: the word that I have spoken, the same shall judge him in the last day.”

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    1 Corinthians 2:15

    15 But he that is spiritual judgeth all things, yet he himself is judged of no man.”

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    Deuteronomy 32:4

    4 He is the Rock, his work is perfect: for all his ways are judgment: a God of truth and without iniquity, just and right is he.”

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    John 5:26-27

    26 For as the Father hath life in himself; so hath he given to the Son to have life in himself;27 And hath given him authority to execute judgment also, because he is the Son of man.”

    Matthew 18:15-17

    15 Moreover if thy brother shall trespass against thee, go and tell him his fault between thee and him alone: if he shall hear thee, thou hast gained thy brother.16 But if he will not hear thee, then take with thee one or two more, that in the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may be established.17 And if he shall neglect to hear them, tell it unto the church: but if he neglect to hear the church, let him be unto thee as an heathen man and a publican.”

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    Romans 13:1

    1 Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God.”

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    James 4:11

    11 Speak not evil one of another, brethren. He that speaketh evil of his brother, and judgeth his brother, speaketh evil of the law, and judgeth the law: but if thou judge the law, thou art not a doer of the law, but a judge.”

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    Romans 14:1

    1 Him that is weak in the faith receive ye, but not to doubtful disputations.”

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    Judges 2:18

    18 And when the LORD raised them up judges, then the LORD was with the judge, and delivered them out of the hand of their enemies all the days of the judge: for it repented the LORD because of their groanings by reason of them that oppressed them and vexed them.”

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    1 Corinthians 6:9

    9 Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind,”

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    Galatians 6:1

    1 Brethren, if a man be overtaken in a fault, ye which are spiritual, restore such an one in the spirit of meekness; considering thyself, lest thou also be tempted.”

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